RFBFit, A Reason for Being


When I was 16, for those that knew me, I was in the absolute worst shape of my life. I had already started getting recruited for college and unfortunately became satisfied with the person I was. I thought I had all of the answers, I thought I was a lock for an early commitment, and I generally believed I did not have to work for anything. I had no reason for being. 


My Father from an early age hammered three things into my head. Anything you do, you must see through, trust is something that is earned and not given, and finally, be humble in every aspect of your life and never be satisfied. Being humble is something that I got away from at the age of 16. I was so satisfied with who I was that I started to gain an insane amount of weight and only did the minimum to get by. 


Going into junior year I decided to change this. Every year before the hockey season at Belmont Hill, anyone that wants to even tryout for the varsity team had to do “The Run”. The run was a mile and 3/4’s that needed to be completed in 12 minutes. The previous two seasons I had always opted out to do the bike test because of made up injuries that allowed me to qualify for the bike test. However this year I said enough is enough. Starting September first I was going to make sure that I did the run. 


For the next three and a half months while living at school, I changed my diet and started running. Every morning before school and every afternoon after classes I would put on two to three sweatshirts and a 25 pound weight vest and would run the track on campus. A lot of people laughed at me and a lot of people judged me but I took my Dad’s advice and saw things through. 


Some might argue it was not exactly the healthiest transformation but in those three and a half months I dropped from 250 pounds to 155. Family members and those close to me did not even recognize me. My mum honestly thought I was sick but it needed to be done. 


Eventually I committed to Boston College after transferring to two different high schools and then I was an Eagle. Going into school I knew it was a stretch for me to start a game. I needed to figure out a way to make sure there was a reason they recruited me. 


I decided then and there that I would put myself in the best shape possible so that when I did get a chance there would be no question of whether I was ready. Early morning bike work, extra skates, and hours with our trainers were things that I committed to. 


The common theme here was and always has been that I was always trying to find or prove a “Reason for Being”. Everyone needs to have a reason for being alive. For me, fitness changed my life. When I decided to not be lazy anymore and started to commit myself to something through fitness I found my passion. Getting myself in shape helped me refocus what I wanted in my athletic career and taught me lessons that have transcended into my work career.


I now have a new reason for being fit and it is for this fight. I want to make sure that I do anything and everything to prepare myself for what is to come. The future is something that is unpredictable but today I know I can put in the work to prepare for what is to come tomorrow. With boxing, I have found that the endless work on my style makes me better tomorrow and the day after that. It is all about enjoying the process of seeing nothing become something. Finding your reason for being is a process and will ultimately change numerous times throughout your life, but with each commitment you make towards a goal there is always a reason why you are doing it, so embrace it. 


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